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Download And Enjoy 5000 Tezos(XTZ) Airdrop!

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Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day! wants to meet you in this special day and treat you with candies! Download, and enjoy Tezos (XTZ) airdrop!

1.Time: August 17 - August 24

2. Rules:
(1) Follow twitter: and twitter:

(2) Download

(3) Log in with your account, and get the receiving address of XTZ.

How to get XTZ receiving address: Log in your account >> Add XTZ to your wallet >> Click the "Receive" button>>Copy the receiving address

(4) Fill the form to submit your XTZ receiving address:

(5) Rewards: Participants will share 5000 Tezos (XTZ),each getting a random amount.

Note: please download or upgrade the latest version to get access to XTZ wallet. When filling the form, please make sure you give the right information to get airdrop.

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Aug 17, 2018
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