Coin Price 24h % will contribute shares of voting to take EOS mainnet alive

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The EOS mainnet has been launched for several days and is currently in the stage of voting for the first batch of the supernodes. It supports only small amount of EOS assets transfers. According to the rules, at least 15% of the EOS needed to participate in the voting to complete the election of the first batch supernodes and lived the complete EOS mainnet function. However, the EOS voting participation is still insufficient. As known for now, only 7% of EOS has been participated in the voting, and far from the 15% required. Holders can check EOS voting progress and the supernode candidates here: is one of the world's leading EOS trading platforms, keeping a large amount of EOS assets for traders, accounted for 2%-3% of EOS total. With security and traders’ permission, has the responsibility to contribute to the launching of the EOS mainnet through voting. As to be fair, will vote evenly to the top 30 supernode candidates. After the mainnet comes live and runs steadily, all votes will be revoked, allowing users to transfer and vote by themselves.

Because assets are stored in a centralized manner in and traders cannot vote by themselves, we will operate with unified manner based on the traders’ feedback. will collect feedback from all holders within 48 hours. All EOS holders can submit a ticket to us and let us know whether agree or oppose to make the vote. We will determine whether to conduct the vote based on holders’ feedback after 48 hours.

At this historical moment, we give our sincere appreciation to all our traders for the contribution to the EOS community. is a responsible exchange platform, we support good projects without listing fees and provide high-quality services to the traders with the 100% deposit guarantee and the near-instant deposit and withdrawal services.

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June.13, 2018
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