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Announcements Copy Trading-Upgrade Competition Faster And Easier To Upgrade: Copy Trading Lead Traders_ Quick-upgrade Competition #11

Copy Trading-Upgrade Competition Faster And Easier To Upgrade: Copy Trading Lead Traders_ Quick-upgrade Competition #11

2023-03-17 07:23:14 UTC 16193 Read
Copy Trading-Upgrade Competition #10has ended. After the event, we received a lot of lead traders' feedback saying that they were looking forward to the 11th upgrade event. So we hereby plan the Copy Trading-Upgrade Competition #11and expect more lead traders to actively participate.

Duration: March 17, 2023, 11:00:00 (UTC) ~ March 27,11:00:00 (UTC)

Click to register:https://go.gate.io/w/tu8JKMqr


Note: In order to protect the welfare of more traders, users who have participated in the Upgrade Competition#10 and have successfully upgraded will not be able to participate in this event.

In order to ensure the fairness of the activity and prevent malignant behaviors such as cheating, this activity is only available to lead traders. Users who are both lead traders and copiers are not allowed. Thank you for understanding!

<1>Lead traders of the same level can be directly and automatically upgraded once they rank Top 3 in three or more indicators of the six: [Total Equity], [AUM], [ROI], [ROI Amount],[Maximum Drawdown Rate], [Win Rate].

<2>Users who become lead traders during the campaign period can get the new lead trader benefits. Among all new lead traders, according to the ranking of the above 6 indicators, we will select the new lead traders with the best ranking overall in all indicators to give him/her an additional upgrade place.

The result of the last upgrade competition

Upgrade competition #10 has come to a successful end. We received a lot of applications from excellent lead traders, and made a careful selection. Finally, 【High-quality stable tradCuphead】was selected to receive upgrade benefits.

Details of upgrade competition #10: https://www.gate.io/article/29908

lead trader's ID:High-quality stable trad

Upgrade benefits in the event: upgrade from Elementary to Intermediate

Click to copy him:https://www.gate.io/copytrading/traderDetail?leader_id=681

lead trader's ID:Cuphead

Upgrade benefits in the event: upgrade from Intermediate to Advanced

Click to copy him:https://www.gate.io/copytrading/traderDetail?leader_id=1094

<1> A unified ranking and announcement will be made on the last day of the event. There are a total of 4 places for upgrade. If a rising star lead trader meets Rule 2 and also meets the upgrade requirements of Rule 1, the upgrade quota will not be passed to the next user;

<2> If the ranking of a certain indicator is the same, then we will compare other indicators in the order of [total equity, ROI, AUM, ROI Amount, win rate, maximum drawdown rate] ; there will be no juxtaposition;

<3>Lead traders of different tiers must meet the conditions of the following indicators at the same time, otherwise the ranking is invalid.

<4>After the end of the event, lead traders of different levels need to increase the trading volume by 10% compared to the beginning of the event during the competition period.

Gate.io reserves the right of final interpretation of this event!

If you have any questions about this activity or copy trading products, please feel free to contact us through Telegram or customer service:
Copy Trading Telegram Group: https://t.me/Gateio_Copy_Trading
Copy Trading Customer service: https://t.me/Kris88601
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March 17, 2023
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