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Announcements Quant Strategy Trading Competition#3: Enjoy $1000 & Exclusive Exposure Resources Of Gate.io Platform

Quant Strategy Trading Competition#3: Enjoy $1000 & Exclusive Exposure Resources Of Gate.io Platform

2022-09-21 06:50:01 UTC 26433 Read
Dear Gate.io Quant Signalers:

Gate.io has been devoting itself to giving every excellent signaler a chance to shine and show themselves. In order to encourage everyone to create more and better Quant strategies, we have launched this Quant strategy trading competition.

The Quant strategy trading competition aims to encourage all Quant users to actively create or promote their own excellent strategies, so that more users can participate in Strategy Bot. The prize pool this time is $1000 in total, with one person able to win up to $200! In addition, the best strategy also has the opportunity to be recommended by our platform. All users are welcome to participate in the event.

Gate.io strategy bot is a Quant strategy trading tool that allows users to freely create automatic trading strategies or copy strategies. Signalers can freely set strategy parameters to create strategies, attract users to copy strategies, and realize strategy dividends.

Click to enter: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants, Playing With Intelligent Quantification
Instructions on creating strategies: https://www.gate.io/help/quants/quantitative
More Instructions on Strategy Bot: https://www.gate.io/help/quants/essential_reading

Entrance to Strategy Bot :https://www.gate.io/strategybot
Duration: 2022.09.21 11:00:00 (UTC) ~ 2022.10.05 11:00:00 (UTC)

Registration Form: https://go.gate.io/w/CVaCR96G

Event Rules:
Note: Strategies that have already won rewards in the last competition cannot be used to participation in this competition.
<1> fill in your own UID and strategy ID, which can be the existing strategy or a newly created strategy during the event.
<2> if it is a newly created strategy during the event, the prize will be doubled after you are winning.
<3> At the end of the campaign, we will rank according to the Sharp Ratio and the number of the newly-added copiers for each strategy.

Bumper event rewards:

< 1 > Exclusive resources of the platform
After the end of the event, we will filter out the Top 3 indicators to promote officially. It's recommended that the strategy remain running until at least 3 days after the end of the event.

< 2> Share a $1000 prize pool

Note: Sharpe Ratio = A daily average rOI of each strategy during the event / standard deviation of the daily average ROI of all strategies involved in the event

The result of the last Quant strategy trading competition:

Details of The Result of Quant Strategy Trading Competition #1: https://www.gate.io/article/27807
Quant strategy trading competition#2 has ended, and unfortunately, there are no eligible users.
If you want to win the reward, please be sure to meet the conditions of Event Notice 1.

< 1> Each strategy is required to run for at least 3 days, with the strategy capital > = 200USDT, the trading volume > = 45000USDT, the sharp ratio>0 , the number of newly-added copiers>0, otherwise you won't be rewarded.

< 2>One user can fill in multiple strategy IDs. In order to give more signalers rewards, if a user wins in multiple strategy IDs, we will choose the one with the highest reward to give him/her corresponding prizes.
<3> Rewards will be issued in the form of points and Quant trial funds, which will be issued within 14 working days after the event ends, and this can be viewed in "My Finance”- “Billing Details”
<4>Points can be used to deduct the spot and future fees, with 1 Point deducting $1 fee. Points are not transferable, valid for 14 days.
<5>Risk warning: cryptocurrency trading is affected by many factors such as market fluctuations and policies. The market fluctuates greatly, and at times, it may be difficult to make accurate predictions. Please trade responsibly and make sure you understand all the implications of this activity.

Gate.io reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

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