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Announcements Gate.io Is All Set To Go Live With 「Lucky YunJin Mystery Box」

Gate.io Is All Set To Go Live With 「Lucky YunJin Mystery Box」

2022-07-21 02:42:54 UTC 19562 Read
At 6:00 AM (UTC) 20th July 2022, 「Lucky YunJin Mystery Box」 will go live on Gate.io platform.
There will be a total of 2000 NFT to be listed and sold at a unit price of 10 USDT. These NFT are very limited and hence, they will be distributed on a first come,first serve basis.

Purchase Address: https://www.gate.io/nft/mystery_box/399852
Duration: Jul 20th, 2022 6:00 AM to Jul 25th, 2022 12:00 PM(UTC)

Special benefits:
1.During the event, all users participating in the purchasing of Yunjin Blind Box will get a mysterious airdrop reward from Gate NFT official.
2.During the activity, users with the top 10 holdings of Yunjin Blind Box works (works holding >4) can participate in the distribution prize pool to draw, and the bonus is 10% of the sales amount in the primary market of this period.
Snapshot time: Jul 25th, 2022 6:00 AM (UTC)
Award time: Jul 26th, 2022 6:00 AM (UTC)

IP Introduction
Yunjin, a kind of chinese fabrics ranks the first among the four major weaving fabrics in China. Its raw materials are generally real gold and silver with brilliant color. It has been really precious and rare since ancient times, and is a world-class intangible cultural heritage. YunJin means the fabrics from sky in chinese - [Get high marks and Win a promising future] the IP of YunJin adds some sports elements to the craft, bringing new vitality to the ancient art, drawing the pattern in a young and lively style, and making the new generation recognize the beauty of the ancient advanced craft again.
[Get high marks and Win a promising future] the IP of YunJin focuses on the modern workplace and academic scene. It conforms to people's pursuits today, and at the same time, it also brings the blessing that all dreams come true. This IP includes eight digital collections:《Running Kirin》 , 《Skating Crane》, 《Lions Playing Basketball》, 《Yoga Peacock》, 《Rising step by step》, 《Game Changing》, 《Moving forward》, 《Love and Peace》.
[Get high marks and Win a promising future]- The Idea of YunJin Collections comes from the "Officer Uniform" in Ming and Qing Dynasties: Kirin stands for the First Class Military Officer, Crane stands for the First Class Civil Officer, Lion stands for the Second Class Military Officer and Peacock stands for the Second Class Civil Officer. These collections take this cultural background as inspiration, and integrate the elements from workplace and campus into the new design. They praise hard-working spirit in the workplace and school and wish everyone a promising future.

Issuer Introduction
As a platform for the inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture, "TraditioNOW" has long focused on the sustainable protection and development of excellent traditional culture, especially intangible cultural heritage. The word "TraditioNOW" just expresses the combination of tradition and contemporary, and the belief of "giving the past a future". It creates a bridge between traditional culture and contemporary life by refining and authorizing the IP of intangible cultural heritage, innovating designs and upgrading related industries.
The platform "TraditioNOW" sorts out the cultural commonalities behind intangible cultural heritage crafts combined with academic theories, builds relevant databases, and forms an innovation path together with outstanding designers, artists and scientists at home and abroad.The platform integrates media, enterprises and other social resources to publicize handicraft art and deepens people's understanding of it, so as to explore the possibility of changing tradition and to bring handicraft back to modern life.
Website: https://www.traditionow.com/

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Gate.io Team
July 21, 2022
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