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Announcements Gate.io Introduces VIP Sharing Campaign

Gate.io Introduces VIP Sharing Campaign

2021-11-03 08:25:34 UTC 8193521 Read

To encourage more users to apply for Gate.io VIP, we are introducing you the VIP sharing campaign. If you are the VIP user on other exchanges, you can also apply for Gate.io VIP for one month based on your recent 30-D trading volume in other exchanges.

Application period: November 3th, 2021 to June 30th, 2022


1. Your trading volume in recent 30-D needs to be greater than 3000BTC on other platforms;
2. You need to hold 2.5BTC or 200,000USDT in gate.io account during the VIP campaign;
3. Once you successfully join our VIP share campaign, you can enjoy our VIP service fees for one month. Your VIP level will depend on your recent 30-D trading volume on Gate.io after the one month has ended;

4. The highest VIP level that you can apply for is VIP15 through VIP Share compaign;
5. If user A is VIP3 on other exchanges, and his/her recent 30-D trading volume is 3000BTC, he/she can apply for VIP11, Our VIP service offers the very best rates for fees, while being subject to Gate.io’s high standards;
6. Participating users cannot participate in startup during the event.

How to apply:

Pls send the below information to [email protected] via email if you are qualified:

1. Your Gate.io UID;

2. Certificate of your trading volume;

3. Your telegram account(telegram user namer);

For more information on VIP levels and fees, please refer to
Gate.io VIP fee

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Gate.io Team
Nov 3th, 2021

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