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Announcements Gate.io VIP Privileges & How to Become a VIP

Gate.io VIP Privileges & How to Become a VIP

2021-10-30 09:21:35 UTC 82274 Read

In order to enhance the user's experience at Gate.io, we have been providing one-to-one exclusive service for VIP customers, committing to ensuring an efficient and professional interactive platform. Driven by the principle of "Safety First, Customer Service First", we recently made several efforts to optimize the VIP customer's service . We are now introducing 13 exclusive privileges to our VIP customers for your better experiences here. Please see details as follows:

Conditions to enjoy our VIP privileges:


You will have the opportunity to enjoy Gate.io VIP customer privileges if any of the above conditions are met. To apply, please email us at:[email protected]

VIP Exclusive Privileges:

1.Trading privileges:


2.Value-added Privileges


You can also go to the VIP Privileges page to view relevant information: https://www.gate.io/en/vip


If you are already a Gate.io VIP, please contact your key account manager to get the above-mentioned privileges.

If you are a VIP at other exchanges, please provide a screenshot that could prove your VIP status and apply to be one at our exchange and enjoy the VIP privileges:https://jinshuju.net/f/V8y00k

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