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Announcements Gate.io Market Maker Privileges & Market Maker Application

Gate.io Market Maker Privileges & Market Maker Application

2022-04-07 10:00:00 UTC 62104 Read

Gate.io is committed to providing the best possible service for users and to creating a safe, transparent trading environment. We never proliferate transactions artificially and are one of the few BTI (Blockchain Transparency Institute) verified crypto exchanges with authentic trading volume across the globe. We are also ranked as one of the most secure trading platforms by Hacken. To provide a better trading experience, we are now recruiting institutional market makers to improve the market depth and liquidity on the platform. Gate.io will provide a special handling fee scheme (including negative maker fee rates) for market makers based on their liquidity contributions. To accommodate the scheme, we are hereby adjusting the rules of paying fees with GT as follows:

1.Levels of VIP11 and above will be set as professional traders.

2.Professional traders paying handling fees with GT can enjoy the market-maker fee scheme.

3.Referral rewards from the affiliate program will no longer be available if the professional trader chooses to use GT to pay for handling fees.

4.Professional traders need to meet the specified VIP tier and turn on the "Pay Fees With GT" switch manually to enjoy the market maker fee scheme.

5.All users will be paying handling fees with GT first, provided they turned on the "Pay Fees With GT" switch, which is turned off by default to avoid unnecessary trouble for Gate.io Points users. Users can continue to apply Points for handling fee payment without further operation, only if it be the best available method for them. However, if this adjustment has unfortunately caused losses for regular users regarding the handling fees, please contact us and we will bear all the losses incurred.

6.Users with levels on and above VIP11 who do not manually turn on the "Pay Fees With GT" switch will continue to use the previous fee payment scheme — to pay fees with Gate.io Points first.

7.We will pre-define the minimum required trading volume and the number of GT holdings for professional traders, with a view to providing a better service than others.

8.If the maker fee rate is negative, the token the trader receives depends on the token paid by the counterparty.

Market Maker Application

Do you have an excellent trading strategy?

Does your 30-day trading volume >1000 BTC? OR Your 30-day futures trading volume >3000 BTC?

Would you like to be a Gate.io market maker?

If yes, please email us at [email protected] with the following information included:

Your User ID

Screenshots of your trading volume from other platforms (e.g. 30-day trading volume, VIP level, etc.)

Contact information (Phone / WeChat / Telegram)

Market Maker Privileges

1.Real-time Commissions: Up to 1bps rebate in spot trading and 2.5bps in futures.

2.Free Point (free deduction): Up to 10,000 free Gate.io Points during grace period.

3.Colo Direct Connection: Server near field deployment. Enjoy fast trading.

4.Exclusive support: 7*24 exclusive technical support.

We provide brand new HTTP REST APIv4 and WebSocket interfaces for your use. You can use the [API Documents] to access all market trading functions. At the same time, Gate.io has created the industry's top API transaction speed, allowing you to enjoy fast transactions and also getting rid of the limitation concerning frequency.

Order Placing Frequency: 900 times/s Order Cancellation Frequency: 5000 times/s WebSocket : 300+ connections

See tiered fee rate scheme with GT as the payment for professional traders:

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