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    Gateway To Crypto

    Trade over 1,400 cryptocurrencies safely, quickly, and easily

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    24 Hour Volume
    24 Hour Volume(24 hr)
    USDT : $1,517,709,356
    BTC : ฿46,773
    ETH : 84,441eth
    GT : 186,094gt
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    24 Hour Volume
    24 Hour Volume(24 hr)
    Total Trading Volume : $2,355,802,615
    USD - M Futures : 2,338,640,497
    USDT - M Futures : 2,613
    BTC - M Futures : 17,159,505
    Since 08:00 AM UTC You may change From-To time in Settings
    Total Strategic Funds
    Total Strategic Funds
    Since 08:00 AM UTC You may change From-To time in Settings
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    Market Price Volume 24H Change Price Trend (3D) Action
    GT/USDT$4.2680$690,422.25+1.12 %
    BTC/USDT$20185.64$847,487,599.86+5.30 %
    LUNC/USDT$0.00029620$96,602,881.69+42.01 %
    ETH/USDT$1382.37$78,360,096.22+5.54 %
    BTC/USDU20185.62U51,187,005.42+5.31 %
    LUNA/USDT$2.6278$44,663,768.88+16.04 %
    Market Price Volume 24H Change Price Trend (3D) Action
    GST3S/USDT$56.55954$21,950,897.40-3.87 %
    ETH5S/USDT$0.110123$11,973,566.84-28.09 %
    LINK5L/USDT$0.0095856$11,402,044.82+38.70 %
    LINK5S/USDT$0.000561$9,856,675.76-29.96 %
    ETH5L/USDT$0.0148796$9,525,194.82+27.84 %
    XRP5L/USDT$0.01612563$6,723,199.52-7.07 %
    Market Price Volume 24H Change Price Trend (3D) Action
    ETH/USDT Ethereum$1377.80$985,705,620.00+5.31 %
    BTC/USDT Bitcoin$20122.30$683,765,295.00+5.06 %
    LUNC/USDT Terra Classic$0.00029506$229,929,517.00+41.84 %
    LUNA/USDT Terra$2.6175$95,046,358.00+15.91 %
    ETHW/USDT EthereumPoW$10.7770$71,116,834.00+4.79 %
    XRP/USDT Ripple$0.47720$29,088,656.00+0.19 %
    Market Price Volume 24H Change Price Trend (3D) Action
    WAXL/USDT$0.00000$0.00+0.00 %
    LN/USDT$0.000$0.00+0.00 %
    ISK/USDT$0.00000$0.00+0.00 %
    GHNY/USDT$0.000$0.00+0.00 %
    CHO/USDT$0.96074$3,402,679.12-0.89 %
    ETHF/USDT$2.3288$3,364,993.69-6.04 %
    Market Price Volume 24H Change Price Trend (3D) Action
    GVR/USDT$0.00000000144000$730,898.81+1677.77 %
    DFI/USDT$0.77178$233,420.18+157.26 %
    XET/USDT$0.0012458$336,560.83+127.25 %
    XNFT/USDT$0.0026711$165,659.03+62.40 %
    SPFC/USDT$1.07702$132,000.12+47.27 %
    GALO/USDT$0.90592$126,905.58+42.80 %
    Beginner's guide
    Create a Gate.io account
    Get $100 Points and $5500 trial fund.
    Make a deposit
    Fund your account and start your journey, several payment methods are supported
    Complete KYC
    Complete KYC and get a compliant account
    Start trading
    Sell, buy or copy trade cryto and explore more
    Start your journey
    Our Product Ecosystem
    Gate.io allows users to easily exchange BTC, ETH, EOS and hundreds of high-quality cryptos with leverage and ETFs
    Buy CryptoEnter
    Buy and sell cryptos instantly and safely with 20+ fiat currencies using bank transfers or your credit/debit card
    Strategy BotEnter
    Gate.io provides a variety of quantitative strategies. You can also copy the strategy of the top earners on the Leaderboard
    Gate.io EarnEnter
    One-stop solution for flexible and high yielding financial and asset management services such as HODL & Earn, Crypto Lending, etc.
    Create your own NFT assets for free, earn lasting royalty income, and explore high-quality projects to grab popular debuts
    Why choose us?
    Comprehensive protection with security and law funds
    Gate.io protects your funds with both
    centralized and decentralized methods. It is also the first exchange to invest millions in security and law funds to add extra protection for your assets.
    Efficient trading and instant deposit/withdrawal
    As an established exchange with cutting-edge technology, Gate.io offers an efficient and convenient trading system as well as an instant deposit and withdrawal service.
    Stable and reliable since 2013
    For 9 years, Gate.io has been operating stably and reliably. With our constant exploration of innovative technologies, we strive to offer you the best trading experience.
    An exchange that lives up to your expectations
    As one of the earliest and largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Gate.io always complies strictly with regulations and has never allowed for market manipulation. We are continuously committed to being open, transparent, and cooperative.
    Help Center
    • How to deposit funds?

      Go to "Wallet" - "Deposit" on Gate.io website. Follow the instructions and provide the needed information. Then transfer the funds to the deposit address.
    • How to calculate the handling fee?

      Handling fee of spot trading & margin trading = trading volume * 0.2% * tiered discount. C2C trading between general users does not generate handling fees. Handling fee of C2C trading between merchants = trading volume * 0.2% * tiered discount Handling fee of contract trading:Instructions of culculating the contract trading fee
    • Does Gate.io have official accounts on communities?

      You are welcome to join our Telegram group or other communities: Community Lists
    • How are handling fees for withdrawals charged? Where can I check the rules?

      The handling fee varies from currency to currency. There are 2 ways to check the rules for handling fee calculation:
      ① Go to User Center on Gate.io mobile app and click on "Fee".
      ② Visit:Feeon your PC.
    • What do 3L,3S, 5L, and 5S mean?

      3L,3S, 5L,and 5S are leveraged tokens that track underlying asset’s spot price change. As the leveraged tokens are traded in the spot market and have an automatic rebalancing mechanism, you can get leveraged exposure without posting any margin or worrying about potential liquidation.
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