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Lockup GT to Earn FARM Every Day from DeFi Liquidity Mining

2020-09-11 22:25:56Read:33728 is going to add several DeFi liquidity mining products in coming days. Today's product is the 7-day GT Lockup&Earn Issue#5, where participants can earn FARM earnings from liquidity mining daily.

To participate, please visit website at

or tap HODL&Earn icon on the Markets screen at App


1. Lockup Currency:GT
2. Cap:20 million GT
3. Interest floating interest
4. How to distribute earning:airdrop FARM earnings daily
5. GT locked up to participate in the DeFi liquidity mining product doesn't affect the statistic result of average GT holding, nor does it affect the participant’s eligibility to enjoy other benefits at
6. The DeFi projects have been greatly hyped. The annualized return of liquidity mining is high at the moment due to high market cap of DeFi tokens, which is likely to back to rational level later as token prices decrease and returning to more rational market. Please note, we will distribute the reward according to actual earnings and the return rate is subject to change..

DeFi liquidity mining has been gaining steam recently and the annualized return is quite high. But for average user, the threshold of participating remains high, which does not only demand professional skills in wallet and private key safekeeping, but also demand an eagle eye to identify problematic projects. Risks of team exit, vulnerabilities in smart contract, and more may cause loss of assets.

For safety consideration, only put asset in broadly proven and audited DeFi mining projects.

The earning currencies, such as CRV,YAM,SUSHI,and FARM, will be distributed to GT holders who lockup GT at to further incentivize the Gate/GateChain DeFi eco. will distribute the whole earnings to our users and charge no extra fee. More investment products with stable earnings are coming soon. Please follow us and stay tuned.

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September 11, 2020

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