Coin Price 24h % will add GT Liquidity DefFi Mining

2020-09-11 20:37:22Read:30196 is going to add a GT liquidity pool, which will adopt the ratio of 95% GT to 5% ULU at Balancer pool. The first week's reward is 1050 ULU (about 100,000 dollar in value at the current price ), the second week reward 787.5ULU, and reward decreases progressively afterwards.

Visit GT Liquidity mining pool at:

Mining starts at: 13 September12:00 UTC

After this ULU pool starting, will provide GT liquidity mining investment service to users to allow GT holders to participate in. And distribute the reward from mining to those GT holder and participants. Please follow us and stay tuned.

Risk Warning: new DeFi project tokens minted by liquidity mining are produced in a huge amount which introduce high inflation rate. The prices of DeFi tokens have been hyped and are at a high level now, which is likely to decrease significantly or express drastic volatility later. Decentralized projects may have vulnerabilities in its code, and have probability of funds being hacked, or team exit, among other risks. Please make sure you have fully understood it before participation and do not chasing high price to enter in the market. The DeFi projects are not recommended to nonprofessional users.

Please only participate after you fully understand the project and risks involved. You are solely responsible for your own investment decision and is not responsible for your loss. Team
Sep 11, 2020

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