Coin Price 24h % Has Passed Coin Metrics’ Trusted Volume Test

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According to the Trusted Volume Test Results released in June 2020 by crypto financial data provider Coin Metrics, has passed the test based on the metrics of Volume Correlation, Web Traffic Analytics and Qualitative Features. Only 14 exchanges passed the test amongst all of the exchanges tested. has become one of the top 14 exchanges with the most trusted Spot trading volume. The 14 exchanges that passed all three tests will be used for calculating what Coin Metrics believes to be the most accurate metric of daily spot volume.

Coin Metrics’ Trusted Volume Test Report (original text):
Coin Metrics’ Trusted Volume Test Report PDF: Coin Metrics Trusted Volume Framework.pdf
Test Results:

About Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics, founded in 2017, is a crypto financial data provider. Today, Coin Metrics’ data empowers clients to better understand, value, and invest in crypto assets.

About Coin Metrics’ Trusted Volume Framework

Fake trading volumes have left a dark mark on the industry sector– making it difficult to rank exchanges and choose your preferred one. Coin Metrics has taken a data driven approach to the problem and is excited to introduce a “trusted volume” metric to help identify the legitimacy of reported trading volumes. The framework for measuring reported numbers of an exchange is broken down into three categories: volume correlation, web traffic analytics and qualitative features. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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July 29, 2020

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