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To enhance communication with our users, has started sharing the Bi-Weekly Report. Users can scan through the recent updates and announcements, which are summarized in this report.
From the 16th till the 30th of April 2020, launched GateChain Testnet 3.0. Also, the 7th Anniversary campaign is ongoing, during which 7 Lock-up & Earn products with major cryptocurrencies will be introduced in three successive months.
The volume of perpetual contracts trading reached $ 2,737,958,124; the volume of crypto-crypto trading reached $ 1,067,034,416.

1. GateChain Testnet 3.0 Launch

Significant upgrades of the GateChain Testnet 3.0 include
I High-performance network module and implementation of a new consensus mechanism.
II The performance in the testing environment reached 2000+ TPS (Transactions per Second), five-times speed increased.
III Low threshold for the nodes to gain PoS rewards and support of 1000+ validator nodes.

For further details, please check here:

2. 7 Lock-up & Earn products at Each Wednesday Keeps on Celebrating the 7th Anniversary Campaign

Although April has come to an end, the 7th Anniversary campaign will keep on going. From April 29th to June 10th, will launch 7 Lock-up & Earn products with major cryptocurrencies each Wednesday. The total value of tokens to be locked will amount to $7,000,000; the annual interest rate will be 10%. For further details, please check here:

3. Bitcoin Halving Countdown Page with a New Video Illustrating the Halving

It is estimated that there are only 13 days left before the Bitcoin halving will take place. To keep users informed of the latest halving situation and status, we have released a new video illustrating the halving, so that users can learn more about the event in a more visually vivid way. Watch it LIVE at:

4. Launches HIVE Perpetual Contract Trading (USDT settled) has launched the HIVE perpetual contract trading settled in USDT. Traders can earn profits by going long or short with 1-20x leverage. For further details, please check here:

5. Ankr Wins at the Listing Vote #8

The ANKR/USDT trading and the withdrawal service commenced at UTC 12:00, April 28th on For further details, please check here:

6. Hive and Steem were listed on April 29 in the Listing Vote#9

The Listing Vote#9 campaign has completed. The tokens of both projects were listed, and the trading and the withdrawal service were opened on April 29th on For further details, please check here:

7. 1,819 Participants And A Total of About 2.29 Million USDT Worth of Orders Were Placed to Purchase BTC with A 30% Discount “Young Fore7er” campaigns – 30% discount BTC sale concluded on April 27th. offered $250,000 worth of BTC for sale with a 30% discount on Startup. No VIP-tier is required in this event. All the received USDT will be used to purchase GT from the open market, and the purchased GT will be burned publicly. Please pay attention to the following announcements. For further details, please check at:

8. Launched HODL & Earn (Issue 3)

With the end of HODL & Earn - PoS & Earn (Issue 2) of major cryptocurrencies, has begun to launch HODL & Earn (Issue 3) to satisfy the needs of users. So far, we’ve launched PoS & Earn (Issue 3) of ATOM , EOS and TRX . Please check the corresponding website and purchase your favourite products.

9. Released iOS TestFlight (V2.4.4) With the Added Features including “Posts”

Since the release of the Android App (2.6.2 Beta) with the added feature of “Posts” that has earned a good reputation among users, is now rolling out iOS TestFlight (V2.4.4) to fulfill the requirement of the users who are using iOS. For further details, please check at:

10. Releases Android App (2.6.3 Beta) With Added Features of“Follow” and “Subscrip tion

This upgrade includes an improved “Crypto Space” feature; an added “Subion” feature; an added function in “contract position” to place stop order, and place buy-and-sell open orders; an added index tab and K-line in “Market Page” to check market movements; an added “Market Settings” section on the left side of the menu to set start-end time for price limit; an improved “Talk to The Streamers” feature for users to speak to streamers, etc. For further details, please check at:

11. Optimized Function in “Contract Position” to Place Stop Orders and Place Buy-and-Sell Open Orders on Web and App

Users are allowed to place stop orders and place buy-and-sell open orders in position after the optimization. The feature of “reducing the position” was also added in the contracts, through which users are able to reduce their positions of limit orders or market orders. For further details, please check at:

12. Now Supports IOTX, CS and HNS Mainnet Assets

As the only decentralized wallet for both Web and mobile app, that supports most crypto assets, now also supports IOTX(IoTeX), CS(Credits) and HNS(Handshake) mainnet assets. For further details, please check at:

13. AMA Announcement for Ankr & Standard Tokenization Protocol CMO Marie Tatibouet interviewed STP and ANKR and broadcasted the routine listing vote activity. For further details, please check at:

14. CMO Marie Tatibouet’s Exclusive Interview with Blockchain.News

In this interview, Marie threw light on some important topics, including COVID 19 and crypto, similarities between Bitcoin and gold, the role of CBDCs in the wider eco, etc. Marie also shared her perspective on China’s cryptocurrency regulations and markets. She went on to highlight some of the milestones. For further details, please check at:

15. Research: The Development Status and Prospect of Layer 2 Protocol Research launched The Development Status and Prospect of Layer 2 Protocol. The report pointed out that:
-The barrier of the capacity expansion technology lies in the difficulty to improve the scalability of blockchain while guaranteeing its security and decentralization at the same time.
-At present, State Channels, Sidechains, and Tenfold Protocol are scaling technologies of Layer2; however, they are still underway to obtain a sufficient balance between security, decentralization, and scalability.
-Lightning Network and Plasma are two scaling solutions of State Channels and Sidechains that are respectively applied to the BTC blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain. Nevertheless, each of them is confronted with limitations while expanding its scalability.
-How to balance the relationship between the scalability and security of the BTC blockchain has become a focal point on the roadmap of Lightning Network’s development. How to achieve a rapid and easy payment channel is one of the significant routes of BTC’s development.
-Plasma requires a sophisticated technology to accomplish the security of an off-chain trade without supervision; hence, to combine the scaling solution with other schemes could make a breakthrough at an early date. For further details, please check at:

16. Research - Crypto ETFs: A Game Of Benefits and Risks Research launched Crypto ETFs: A Game Of Benefits and Risks. According to analysis, leveraged ETF trading not only brings more substantial gains in a singular market move but also causes a milder loss than margin trading with the same leveraged ratio when the market goes either way. Nonetheless, in the simulation of this research, leveraged ETF trading suffered more severe losses in a volatile market, which exceeded that of spot trading and margin trading in the same ratio. Compared with multiple ETF products in the traditional financial market, currently, the cryptocurrency market has only rolled out the leveraged ETF that is mainly centered on mainstream currencies. Besides, the crypto ETF market is still immature, along with the high handling fees as opposed to the twenty-year development of the traditional market. Given that leveraged ETFs are not suitable for a long-term hold, research has built a VPIN model combined with the Moving Average (MA) and found that VPIN can mitigate the risks accordingly and considerably increase the benefits of ETF. However, since the crypto ETF has not yet obtained approval from a supervising organization, the policy trend will be a focus in the future. For further details, please check at:

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April 30, 2020

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