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2020-03-26 22:51:34Read:71748 provides 3X-long (-3L) and 3X-short (-3S) ETFs of multiple mainstream cryptocurrencies. To have a better overview of the trading interface, all launched ETFs have been moved to the ETF zone; meanwhile, the ETFs have been removed from the main list of the trading interface. Users may find it more convenient to trade the ETFs through directly visiting the ETF zone on the web or app.

All launched ETFs products of “-BULL” and “-BEAR” managed by the FTX platform have been transferred to the low liquidity trading area and will be removed from the platform in two weeks. ( only provides spot trading of the ETFs products of “-BULL” and “-BEAR” to users but does not manage the products, so the net value of them remains unclear. Please note that low circulation on the market may lead to a large deviation between the strike price and the net value).

How to Visit ETF Zone
Web: “Market”- “ETF”
iOS: “Market”- “ETF”
Android: “Market”- “More” - “ETF”

The 3X-long (-3L) and 3X-short (-3S) ETFs managed by are provided with strict funds management and are hedged for margin trading in the Perpetual Contract market. The leverage rate is corrected daily to remain leveraged at 3X through the rebalancing of the ETFs; users can easily trade on margin without paying any collateral.
ETF products are governed as hedge funds in the Perpetual Contract market, which requires 0.3% daily management fees to cover the costs of the handling fees and market quotations arisen in the contract market. Except for the management fees, no extra contract funding rate is charged.
Please note that owing to the high costs of ETFs and the rebalancing mechanism, the yield will be more significant if the price keeps rising after buying in or the price keeps dropping after selling out in the margin trading of leveraged ETFs; conversely, the yield will be worse if the market sentiment is swaying. Hence it is significant to read the rules carefully before commencing to trade.

For more explanation on ETFs, please check the below documentation. will soon provide detailed documentation for your reference. and
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March 26, 2020
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