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Crypto Loan Competition

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There is something to be said for all types of trades. Whether you are a HODLER or a trader, opinions vary about what the best strategies are. Some like to do both. HODL their favorite coin whilst trading with another to accumulate more of their favorite coin. Some would like to do both but can’t because they simply lack the crypto capital.

Do you rather HODL your “favorite bag” or do you - let’s say- try to stack sats with an occasional trade? Why not do both and create more freedom for your crypto funds.

Our new crypto loan feature enables the best of both worlds. For one, you get to HODL your favorite coin. Your crypto conviction can remain intact while you embark on a trading or staking adventure. With our new Crypto Loan you can store crypto on your spot account and double up on your capital; which offers immense opportunities to expand your current portfolio.

Because we are excited about this new feature too, we have decided to host a competition. All you have to do is let us know what your favorite combination is. Which coin do you HODL and which one do you use to trade?

Crypto Loans:
* HODL & Trade as you please
* Let us know what you HODL and what you use to trade
* Winners will be chosen at random
* Let us know of your perfect crypto combination

Double up on your crypto. Allocate your capital as you see fit. Participate and possibly win some GT! All you need to do is:
* Like & Retweet
* Comment with your favorite HODL & Trade combo

From all participants, we will be choosing the winner at random.

The winner of the competition will be awarded 300 GT in total and will be announced during next week’s Livestream with our CMO Marie Tatibouet - Make sure to attend it at 08:00 AM GMT, Friday next week to see who won.

But wait, there’s more ;) Not only will we be announcing the winner of the 300 GT. If you attend next week’s Livestream, we will be distributing 6 batches of 50 GT each; so another 300 GT in total. Need we say more?

Looking forward to seeing your comments on the App Livestream
Recap of the Rules:
For Twitter:
* Like post & retweet
* Comment with your favorite HODL & Trade combo

For Facebook:
* Like post & Comment with your favorite HODL & Trade combo

Twitter competitors will be considered part of the first wave, and Facebook competitors part of the second. Increase your chances of winning by participating on both Twitter and Facebook. We will gather participation data from all users over both platforms, after which we will randomly select 1 winner from the entire pool.

*1 winner will be chosen from all gathered participants from both Facebook and Twitter. Winner will be chosen at random, carefully selected by our “winner picker” is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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December 6,2019

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