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Bytecoin(BCN) will be listed on gate.io

2018-09-27 14:11:00Read:85556

Bytecoin is a private, decentralized cryptocurrency with open source code that allows everyone to take part in the Bytecoin network development. Privacy and security come naturally from using Bytecoin. Instant private transactions are provided all around the world by the Bytecoin Network, they are totally untraceable, and they don’t require any additional fees.
Official website: https://bytecoin.org/
WhitePaper: https://cn.bytecoin.org/whitepaper.pdf

The BCN trading will be enabled on UTC 04:00, Sep. 28, 2018.
Deposit and withdraw of BCN are both enabled on gate.io now, users can deposit or withdraw BCN anytime.

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Sep. 27, 2018