Coin Price 24h % has distributed Tezos (XTZ) Quiz Lucky Draw Rewards

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Dear all,

We are excited to announce that “Tezos (XTZ) Quiz Lucky Draw” activity is successfully finished. Thank you for your participation.

We have randomly drawn 50 winners among those who correctly answered all questions. They will share 500 XTZ rewards. The rewards has been distributed to winners’ account, please sign up to check:

You can visit our instagram to see the drawing process:

Click to review this activity: Join Tezos(XTZ) Quiz To Win XTZ Airdrop

* holds the final explanation of this activity.

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Attachment(Award list)
**9***[email protected]
****b***[email protected]
o***[email protected]
******n***[email protected]
yy***[email protected]
****a***[email protected]
u***[email protected]
k****[email protected]
a***[email protected]
****n***[email protected]
**********tr***[email protected]
*****k***[email protected]
j***[email protected]
c***[email protected]
**b***[email protected]
***t***[email protected]
***m***[email protected]
****i***[email protected]
***m***[email protected]
ls***[email protected]
*****l***[email protected]
h***[email protected]
***m***[email protected]
xa***[email protected]
***9***[email protected]
**k***[email protected]
l***********[email protected]
**r***[email protected]
l*****[email protected]
******e*i***[email protected]
***[email protected]
******e***[email protected]
***[email protected]
***d***[email protected]
******l***[email protected]
***[email protected]
****e***[email protected]
***[email protected]
******e***[email protected]
*****x***[email protected]
Aug 03, 2018
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