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2 million IHT and 15 BTC airdrop for trading IHT on

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IHT integrates global real estate markets with the blockchain mechanism. Through joining blockchain and real estate, the real estate developer, financial institutions and their users can be connected and the transaction of real estate can be made a part of “digital credit society”, therefore constituting a pivotal supporting part of the economic development. All owners and investors will become beneficiaries of real estate blockchain.
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The IHT trading has been enabled on We are going to giveaway 2 million IHT and 15 BTC in the following competitions.
1, 5BTC and 600,000 IHT airdrop
We will release it soon. Follow our twitter @gate_io and join our telegram to get more details.

2, Deposit IHT to win 2BTC and 200,000 IHT
Activity time: 2018/03/26 14:00 -- 2018/04/14 14:00 (UTC+8)
During the activity time, the top 100 deposit users will share 2BTC and 200,000 IHT based on their IHT net deposit amount calculated by the formula: Deposit amount - withdraw amount.

3, Trading IHT to win 8BTC and 1,200,000 IHT
Activity time: 2018/04/01 14:00 -- 2018/04/14 14:00 (UTC+8)
During the activity time, the top 100 traders will share 8BTC and 1,200,000 IHT based on their IHT trading volume calculated by the formula: buy amount + sell amount(except same account trades).

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Mar.31, 2018
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