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Announcements Gate.io Upgrades to Startup IEO 2.0 (Welcoming All High-quality Projects to Apply)

Gate.io Upgrades to Startup IEO 2.0 (Welcoming All High-quality Projects to Apply)

2020-07-26 00:28:30 UTC 116705 Read
Gate.io Startup IEO has won the favor of the users ever since its launch with an excellent performance of average IEO returns. According to CryptoRank, a crypto-rating website, the yield rate of Gate.io’s Startup IEO projects ranks third in the world as of July 25th, 2020, with the highest yield rate being 971.53% and a current average yield rate of 159.98%. Meanwhile, Gate.io’s security ranks 1st on CER.live, being the safest exchange platform around the world.

Gate.io has persevered in enhancing its user’s experience and variety of the products. In the past month, we launched some core products including Gate.io Futures and Options. Additionally, we are active in seeking cooperation with hundreds of professional teams around the world through our market maker competition and our digital asset quantitative trading competition, in an attempt to improve the liquidity of our platform and provide the best trading experience to every user. We plan to launch several practical features including Grid-trading, Signal trading and Long Futures Contracts.

We’ve been optimizing Startup IEO strategies since 2020, and the two IEO projects that launched have brought considerable returns to their investors. Gate.io Startup IEO not only provides substantial funds to the project teams but also paves the way towards collaborating with other high-quality projects. We’ve upgraded to Startup IEO 2.0 which can now provide various and more flexible services to the project teams whilst guaranteeing security for the users. We sincerely welcome every remarkable project out there to submit an application on our platform.
Listing Request: https://www.gate.io/listrequest

In the meantime, we also welcome community suggestions and all non-IEO projects can submit an application and launch on Gate.io through a listing vote.
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Click to Sign up :https://www.gate.io/m#/register
Download it now at: https://www.gate.io/mobileapp
Scan and download at:

Gate.io New Features:
Spot Trading on Gate.io (200+ tokens):https://www.gate.io/trade/BTC_USDT
Margin Trading on Gate.io (Long or Short):https://www.gate.io/margin_trade/BTC_USDT
Perpetual Contract Trading:https://www.gate.io/futures_trade/BTC_USD
Lending on Gate.io (secure and stable, high annual return):https://www.gate.io/margin/lend/USDT
C2C Trading on Gate.io:https://www.gate.io/c2c/usdt_cny
Download Gate.io APP:https://www.gate.io/mobileapp
Download Wallet.io (ALL in ONE):https://www.wallet.io/

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Facebook: https://facebook.com/gateioglobal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gate_io

July 26, 2020
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